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Our collections group our books  depending on their theme or their form, sometimes very different from each other, but always with a common goal:  that you enjoy them.

growing books


Illustrated albums  that can be read to little girls and boys

but that they have a double reading that is discovered when you grow up.

Books for older people who are still children.

cubierta del libro La mujer esqueleto
Cubierta del libro El ratón que quería un palacio
Cubierta del libro Paporco
cartel al premio 2021 a los libros mejor editados de España
portada_ IslaElefante.jpg

ancient tales  

Books that keep the voice of those who never had it,

the voice of our grandmothers and grandfathers.

Books that rescue traditional tales from silence,

the stories that were heard on nights without television.

Cubierta del libro La verdadera historia de la rata que nunca quiso ser presumida
Cubierta del libro Cuentos antiguos de Gran Canaria
Cubierta del libro Cuentos noruegos
Cubierta del libro Cuentos prohibidos noruegos
Cubierta del libro La novia del mar y otros cuentos de las tribus árabes
cubierta del libro LA BELLA DE LA TIERRA

Illustrated Ancient Tales  

This collection accompanies the Ancient Tales, adding beautiful illustrations to the tales that we like the most. They are books that keep the voice of those who never had it, books that rescue traditional stories from silence and bring them to the present day full of images and color.

Cubierta del libro Ceniciento



Like good Bad Company, we are capricious, and sometimes we feel like making books that are not easy to put on shelves because they do not have a book format, or because they are books with photographs, or because they propose literary or love games... These texts that they flee from formats and classifications will be in this collection of whims. 

Cubierta del mapa legendario de Gran Canaria
Cubierta del libro El principito ha vuelto
cubierta de "Si tuviera que escribrte"
Cubierta del libro Estación invierno
Cubierta del libro El dragón que se comió el sol
Cubierta del libro Los cuentos del erizo

black series


In this series we will not publish a police novel, but rather our work to recover oral memory in black communities. We want to offer in our books the rich African oral literature. But, as Africa is more than a continent, we will also publish stories of black Colombians from Chocó, of blacks from Mexico, of Paraguay... All the books in this collection will be linked to a solidarity project in the area, which We will support with the sale of the book and that you can follow on this website.

Cubierta del libro Los cuentos del conejo
Cubierta del libro El libro de la selva de los pigmeos baka

mini black series

Books that claim to be more than just books.


Is  collection is the little sister of the Black Series. Here we will select 7  wonderful stories among all those we have published and we will make an illustrated book for you to enjoy the stories and images that populate the African night and the imagination of those who gather around the fire.  

With each book you buy, you really buy two: one for you and one for an African girl or boy.  


If you want to know more or join this project: 

Logo de la serie negra mini
PortadaYimulimu y el dragón

Baobab Books

In this collection we will publish  African authors in Spanish . The limited interest of the market for the letters of Africa drives us to carry out a project in which each of the subscribers makes their individual contribution and can be involved in its continuity.  

The only benefit of Libros del baobab is precisely that the African voices translated into Spanish are expanded, in a society in need, more than ever, of other views on the world and the human being. The selection of the works will be based on their quality , their importance in their respective countries and the interest of the subscribers.  

The Alejando de los Santos collection is directed by Ana Cristina Herreros, Chema Caballero and Sonia Fernández.  

Collection dedicated to Antonio Lozano (1956-2019).

If you want not to miss anything from this collection, here we tell you everything: 

Logo de Libros del Baobab
Cubierta del libro Estoy solo
cubierta de CamaradaPapa

Rescued  ​

This collection will offer books that were already published years ago and have been discontinued  because they are old books. We believe that the old, in addition to being wise, is also beautiful and that is why we do not resign ourselves to their disappearance. But they reappear rewritten or reillustrated again.

Cubierta del libro El rey solito
Cubierta del libro El más fuerte

artifacts ​

In this collection, books in risky formats will be offered. Books that can also become a reversible artistic and educational object because their size and consistency contemplate it. 

Cubierta de El pollo kiriko
Imagen de Bella Dama

people count too

This collection, which began hosting the illustrated album award that we convened, is now expanded and will be the heading under which we publish special albums that make invisible groups visible, or situations that we do not want to look at or that we do not want to talk about: people with autism, war, homeless people...

Cubierta del libro La carrera
Cubierta de Hermanos en Siria
Cubierta del libro Hogar



Stories of people who are veiled, silenced, made invisible, unheard of, relegated to the private sphere, hidden behind the doors of their kitchens, who do not appear in history manuals but star in the pink press. Stories of people who give life, who nurture, who shelter, who take care of the most important, the small. Women's stories.​

Cubierta de Cuentos Madrileños
cubierta del libro Navidades de Madrid

counted fabrics ​

Fabrics in Africa count. They use, like stories, the language of the symbolic, of dreams. They cover the waist of women, transport the belongings of those who travel, or sleeping babies, shelter the body of those who sleep. For this reason, we have chosen African fabric as the support for this collection that arises with the aim of supporting women's community work in Africa. In Kolda (Senegal) the women will sew the stories we hear in their community. Fabric stories that embrace the dreams of your favorite people.




logoTelas Contadas
Cubierta El niño que siempre perdía el bastón
cubierta de Macaco


This is not just another collection, it is a section where you can find those books that we have not edited directly as an editorial, but in which we have collaborated in one way or another. Books with their own name that we believe are special and that is why we want to support them from our website.




cubierta del libro Yakar