Kiriko's Chicken

This traditional tale that we cover  inaugurates the collection, with a die-cut accordion format and with a case  so you can tell the cumulative tale as you unfold the book.  

Listen to the story here: 

Written by Paula Carbonell

Illustrated by Carmen Queralt

Collection: Artifacts

Size: 9  x 13 cm (closed)/90 x 13 cm (open)

Pages: 21 

Binding: Illustrated album in accordion format (punched with slipcase)

ISBN: 978.84.945888.2.2

(Price without VAT €10.10)

RRP €10.50


Review on the blog of Macarena Mena Santos


Nice review of our beloved “artifact” (!)

Paula Carbonell
Carmen Queralt

Paula Carbonell


He was born in Spain,  in 1970, together with  sea,  in Valencia  Y  lives in the interior, in Cuenca,  sea  Y  Mountain,  sea  Y  Mountain.

Paula tells, reads and writes forever, at the age of four she achieved her greatest feat:

write his name, “you just have to change an h to a u” his father told him

and since then he has not stopped writing.

He studied Romance Philology, graduated in Humanities and has a Master's Degree in Reading Promotion and Children's Literature. He has received numerous complementary training courses in the field of Literature, Narration and Puppetry.

Paula looks, listens, counts, writes  Y  count what you write to tell it again  Y  so one  Y  again, one  Y  again.

He has given workshops, conferences, participated in various national and international professional meetings; He has told in libraries, theaters, hospitals, cafes, bars, on the street...

He has published several articles on Literature and several illustrated albums. Gallito Pelón was included in the White Ravens 2014 list and The fastest has been awarded by the Fundación Cuatrogatos 2017.

Carmen Queralt

She was born in Madrid in 1952 and trained as a teacher, although she has been dedicated to illustration for more than 20 years. He doesn't like Sundays. Going to the movies and to the countryside with friends is what he likes the most. He reads in bed and it is the first thing he does as soon as he gets up and the last thing he does when the day is over. His favorite author is John Ford.

He has published works in Editorial COMBEL, Editorial Barcanova, Edelvives, Pearson-Alhambra, Baula, Narval editores, the children's magazine Cavall Fort, Kalandraka, Ediciones La  Fragrance  Y  Editorial LYNX among others. In addition to being on the honor list for the 2014 illustration award.