The Little Prince is back

This book speaks of a mystery, of a long day in the desert, of a man who has not stopped being a child, of a drawing that perhaps was much more, of what our heart hides and what we do not allow to come out, of friendship, of hope, of the strange adventure that is life and our passage through it... Delve into its pages and discover that anything can be real if you believe in it.

Written by María Jesús Alvarado

Photos of Teresa Correa

Collection: Cravings

Size: 15.50x22.50  cm 

Pages: 80 

Binding: Rustic with flaps

(1 story with 8 photographs)

ISBN: 978.84.942648.7.0

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Presentation of The Little Prince is back

The presentation of The little prince is back in Madrid, in the Tuiza tent of the Palacio de Cristal del Retiro, has been commented news for its closeness to the history of the Saharawi people.

A journey to discover

Article from Diario Canarias 7 in which they review our editorial novelty.

A book lasts what remains in memory... 

A few words from Gonzalo Moure about The Little Prince is back

"A book lasts what remains in memory, and weighs what occupies the heart. The latest book by María Jesús Alvarado, The Little Prince is back, can be read in thirty minutes, and it remains in the memory and in the heart forever. It will make lovers of Saint-Exupéry's original book even more passionate because they always want (we want) more. It will make desert lovers even more passionate because it takes place in Western Sahara, where Saint-Exupéry wrote the book when his plane broke down. I have always thought that the French writer achieved his masterpiece when he did not try anything, when he wrote (and drew) directly from life to heart, without any calculation. The same happened to María Jesús, who when she was living it, did not even realize how important what she was experiencing was. One night under the stars, next to a man who lived alone in the desert "waiting for a friend". Only years later, when that meeting came back to him again and again, did he realize that memory was asking him to "write it down." And so it did, at last, breaking down the barrier between what is real and what we feel is real. I will not reveal more. I will only say that it is amazing, that it is one of the books that have most impressed me in my entire life. And knowing, being a friend of María Jesús (bubishera too), doesn't affect me to say it, just as it wouldn't have affected me otherwise: I didn't know Sain-Exupéry either, what else would I want, and I feel as if the two were the same book, the same miracle of words that can light a fire in your heart: the mystery of literature."

Gonzalo Moure Trenor

"The Little Prince is back is a delicious surprise

that proposes a spiritual journey to the heart of the Sahara..."

In the cultural blog of Eduardo García Rojas, you can read an opinion about

our book with which we strongly agree.

Promotion from The Little Prince is back in Chile

During this month of March, the editor Ana Cristina Herreros and the writer María Jesús Alvarado have been in Chile presenting The Little Prince is back.

Review on the Biblioabrazo blog

A very good way to understand the book, its emotional connection with The Little Prince or some biographical aspects of the author.

María Jesús Alvarado
Teresa Correa

María Jesús Alvarado

Born in the Canary Islands, she spent her childhood and adolescence in the Sahara. A clinical psychologist by profession, she has been involved in literature since she was very young, as well as more recently in film and theatre.

She is the author of the books: Luck Mulana (2002), Strange Stay (2006), Accidental Geography (2010), South of Zagora (2010), Truk Island (2011), Sorimba (2012) and Cracks (2012).

She has been the editor of the independent publishing house Puentepalo since 2001.

She is the scriptwriter and director of the documentaries: The Sahara Gate (2006. Award for Best Historiographic Contribution in Memorimage-07), The letter from Chadad (2006), Dancing in time (2009) and  Pilar Rey, passion for theatre (2013).

Since 2008 she has directed the theatre company La Fanfarlo.

She is part of the Bubisher group. Writers for the Sahara, from which the start-up and operation of libraries in the Saharawi refugee camps in Algeria are promoted, and they carry out actions to bring the Saharawi culture and its authors closer to the rest of the world.  

With Libros de las Malas Compañías she has also published the following titles:

Teresa Correa


She is a sociologist by training and a photographer by profession.

For more than 15 years, she has participated in collective photography exhibitions, such as those in Havana, Miami, Bamako and Seoul. She has also exhibited individually in Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and Havana. Her photographs illustrate books such as Crossing (Contemporary African Art), Woman's Smile, Residents of Memory, Weaving Myths, Literature and women, Strange rooms, Doña Beatriz de Bobadilla and The little prince is back. She has also made films, such as the documentary Maud, the two that cross each otherIsolated (in collaboration with the filmmaker Miguel García Morales), The Sahara Gate (in collaboration with María Jesús Alvarado), and video art, such as Me as landscape, and Weights and Measures. She has also given directing workshops in Bamako and Gran Canaria.