Christmas in Madrid

entertaining nights

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At Christmas, in the house of Doña Lucrecia de Haro, near El Prado, her guests self-isolate because of the cold in the capital. To spend Easter, each one of them will tell a story that will introduce us to the sentimental imaginary of the controversial golden age, from the most friendly and domestic side of everyday life.

Written by Mariana de Carvajal y Saavedra

Anna Rossetti's version

Illustrated by  Ines Vilpi

Collection: Women

Size: 16x24cm

Pages: 184

Binding: Cardboard

  ISBN: 978.84.123027.5.2

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Mariana de Carvajal and Saavedra

He was born in Jaén, at the beginning of the s. XVII, of the few and contradictory data that there is of his biography, it can be assured that at a very young age he moved to Granada, where he married. When her husband was appointed an official of the Treasury Council, the family moved to Madrid, but when he was widowed, he was left in charge of 9 children and suffered serious financial difficulties. He ended up returning to Granada where he died in 1664.


Ines Vilpi

She was born in Jaén in 1962. With a degree in Teaching, she decided to leave her teaching job to dedicate herself fully to art. He has participated in courses, traveling group exhibitions and has organized art workshops for children and children's art exhibitions.
She has an extensive publication as an illustrator and not only of books, but also of posters.