Sustainable Development Goals

The ONU  approved in 2015  the  Agenda 2030 on Sustainable Development, an opportunity for countries and their societies to embark on a new path to improve everyone's life, leaving no one behind. The diary has  17 Sustainable Development Goals,  ranging from the elimination of poverty to the fight against climate change, education, women's equality, the defense of the environment or the design of our cities.


In our day to day, we are working on the following  objectives through the actions that we specify below: 

1. fin de la pobreza.png

Encouraging and helping in the collection of book donations for the Oussouye Library  and of  sewing machines for the Mercedarias de Maputo workshop


Collaborating and promoting alliances in associations such as Neighbors of the Barrio de Maravillas, where with the sale of the Virgen de las Maravillas Stamps we collaborate with the neighborhood food bank. 

3. salud y bienestar.jpg

collaborating  with the Mercedarias de Maputo and Africa Directo, in the programs they have in Mozambique to help the albino population to prevent skin cancer and mitigate the vision and mobility problems they have. 

4.educacion de calidad.png

Financially supporting the literacy workshops that take place in the Oussouye Library for the women of the town.  

Providing this library with books and conducting workshops to encourage reading in it. 

5. igualdad de genero.png

Dedicating a large part of our projects to women,  to compensate for the initial lack they have, especially in access to education, in literacy workshops in Senegal and  signifying them in our book The tales of the hedgehog and other tales of the women of the Sahara. 


Placing special importance on recycling in all processes of publishing, printing and distribution of books, on the proper use of water and on the proper management of the elimination of spills of chemical substances, such as inks. 

7. energia asequible y no contaminante.p

Making sustainable use of the energy resources we have and using renewable energies as a priority. 

8. trabajo decente y crecimiento economi

Encouraging our own jobs to be of quality, and not for that reason economic growth is less.

Not collaborating with companies or societies that do not promote equal opportunities or in which we know that they treat their employees badly. 


Through projects, such as the one in which we collaborate in the Teba Diatta Library in Oussouye, Senegal and in the occupational workshop of the Mercedarias in Maputo, Mozambique, helping to acquire computers and promoting access to technology.

10. reduccion de las desigualdades.jpg

Using a local of the San Martín de Porres Foundation, which collaborates with homeless people, as a warehouse for our books, we promote the accessibility of this population to labor and social reintegration.  

Collaborating with said organization in the creation of our next book Without direction , thanks to which the homeless people will have a voice and will be able to feel more included and meant. 

11. ciudades y comunidades sostenibles.p

Favoring internal trade, printing our books in a printing house in Madrid. 

12. produccion y consumo responsable.png

Our books are printed on 100% paper from forests managed according to sustainability criteria, which do not deforest the Amazon rainforest, we try to use reams as much as possible so as not to waste paper, and books with any defects are never destroyed, but rather pay off or give away 

13. accion por el clima.png

Promoting every action that is in our power and favors the reduction of climate change such as the use of electric rental cars, the majority distribution through the Post Office and  the use of public transport. 


By promoting the good management of waste derived from the printing press and not printing in China, we save the maritime transport that this entails. 

15. vida de ecosistemas terrestres.png

Our books are printed on 100% paper from forests managed according to sustainability criteria, which do not deforest the Amazon rainforest. 

16. paz, justicia e instituciones solida

Through books such as The Tales of the Hedgehog and Other Tales of the Women of the Sahara,  The tales of the rabbit and other tales of the albino people of Mozambique  o Brothers in Syria we want to make visible the thousands of people who are  trapped in refugee camps, people who live precariously, people who because of their condition are kidnapped, mutilated and raped on a daily basis and people who live in war.  Giving voice to these people, we make visible the problem that exists and we fight so that their situation is regularized and they can live in peace, as any human being deserves. 

17. alianzas para lograr objetivos.png

All our work is based on alliances with external collaborators: Las Mercedarias de Maputo, volunteers from Oussouye, the NGO Zerca y Lejos, the San Martin de Porres Foundation, ALBA-  albino aid association, the Bubisher of the Saharan camps, and all the people - friends who accompany us on a daily basis.