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Specific Writing Focuses for Assessments - 2022

You might have been assigned to write an argumentative essay by your teachers. However, there are different types of arguments that you need to identify before you start working on your assignment. These arguments mainly include Classical arguments, Inductive arguments, Deductive arguments, Rogerian arguments, and Toulmin arguments.

Stephen Toulmin is the founding father of the Toulmin argument model, which is considered to be a modern argumentation theory. This model replaces the predominant concepts of arguments with premises, followed by a conclusion. Instead, this model presents its unique structure for argumentation. This article will help you in writing Toulmin's arguments. However, you can also consult an expert essay writer , if you cannot figure out this model.

The Toulmin argumentation model is used for analyzing arguments, however, it works best when no clear truths about an issue are present. Toulmin model is a well-structured model having six essential elements. The presence of these elements can help both the writers and the readers while analyzing the validity of an argument. It takes the complex nature of arguments and situations into account. The goal of the model is to persuade the readers that your arguments are reasonable, based on thorough research, and every facet of the arguments is well-explained.

Toulmin argumentation model is a modern and novel analyzing approach for the justification of claims, which have been presented in response to the issues. This model is used for checking the logical reasoning of an argument. It presents a one-sided argument and does not intend to find a common ground between the writer's and the opposing parties' perspectives. If you find this model challenging, hire professional essay writer to get professional help while writing your essay.

Toulmin's model is best for writing theoretical essays and is ideal for controversial arguments where no absolute solution has been presented for a problem. This model is an argumentation style that breaks down an argument into six basic components. The essential parts of a Toulmin argument are as follows:


In simple words, a claim is your perspective on the issue at hand. It can also be regarded as your main hypothesis or the thesis statement of your essay since it represents your stance on the topic. Your claim is just an assertion if you failed to provide strong evidence for your claim. Therefore, before claiming a point, you must collect data from existing literature to support your thesis statement. Thorough research will help you in writing a strong claim for your essay. A strong claim also lays a foundation for guiding the body section of the essay.


Since in the first part of the Toulmin model, you are claiming something that you want readers to accept as true, you will also have to create strong grounds on which your claim is based. The grounds are the data, which is made up of facts and evidence. The grounds are the logical reasoning behind your main claim. While it also provides the basis for the persuasion of the readers. This is one of the most important components of this model which requires in-depth research to find the supporting evidence for your claim.

You might find it a challenging activity, as all the data is not a hundred percent accurate. Therefore, initially, you will have to explore your perception regarding the topic and then research for relevant data. Since the data has some elements of assumptions, therefore you will need to prove with further argumentation, built based on deeper information.


A warrant is a connecting link between your claim and the grounds. The warrant legitimizes your claim by showing that the data provided is relevant to the claim. It can be implicit or explicit, yet it will always provide the relevancy of the grounds with the validation of the claim. For instance, you claim that the production of the wheelchair should be doubled. The grounds you provided is that over 35% of aged people have paralysis. Therefore, you would add a warrant that a wheelchair helps people to have less dependency on caregivers.


Backing the additional support is provided to strengthen the warrant. It reinforces the warrant and supports the claim indirectly, while also helping in the later parts such as the rebuttal. For instance, your backing in the above-mentioned scenario would be that production of the wheelchairs should be localized.


The qualifiers limit the validity of your main claim as no claim is true. It saves you from making an exaggeration that you know everything therefore, your claim is completely valid and reasonable. In the above-mentioned example, you can add the qualifier as that since wheelchairs help most paralyzed people.


There is always a counterargument to any viewpoint. To increase the validity level of your essay, you must add these counterarguments. Yet you will also have to pre-empt these opposing arguments by adding the rebuttal to your essay. This will help in adding validation and strength to your main claim as well as persuade your readers.

Like all the other argumentation styles, Toulmin's argument is valid when backed by the strongest evidence. You will also have to prove that the logic presented is sound and is based on in-depth research. You can consult an expert essay writer to write my essay if you are unsure about writing in this argumentation style. The professionals will help you in saving your time and energy while writing a masterpiece essay for you.

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