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We are an uncomfortable publishing project, which goes where it should not go, which listens to those who try to silence, which learns from those who are said to be uneducated, which says what should be kept quiet, which publishes what is not considered literature. We want to reach you, people who look straight ahead, who laugh without covering your mouth, who go out into the street to shout what hurts you, what seems unfair to you. That is why we are Bad Companies.

Libros de las Malas Compañías arises with the pretense  to take care of the book in its editing process  and to take care of the people involved in it.


Our company policy begins with the sustainable development of all the actions we carry out, we want our work to have the greatest possible impact, improving everyone's life, leaving no one behind. Therefore, we want to detail the  Sustainable Development Goals we are working on:

In addition, all our books will be for free loan in public libraries.


This is our latest book:



The publishing house is also complemented with various projects: a training one, with the Bad Company Workshops, and a collaborative one, with our association.  

You can find more information here:  

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