Ancient tales of Gran Canaria

From ancient times come these tales, these legends and stories. They have been counted by the elders and collected by the girls and boys of the island of Gran Canaria. His voice is what you will hear every time you open it and read it. They are the stories they heard long ago, when our grandparents were children, the stories they lived and will continue to live in this book now. Tales and stories that we cannot forget because they are our heritage, our wealth, what makes us the same and different.

stories collected by

Maria Jesus Alvarado and  Ana C. Herreros

Collection: Ancient Tales

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Pages: 184

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To the rescue of the stories bequeathed by the elders

Article of the Diario Canarias 7 in which he highlights the importance of the research work on the oral tradition of the island that gave  place to our book Ancient tales of Gran Canaria .  

Interview with María Jesús Alvarado by La Provincia

newspaper article  La Provincia in which María Jesús Alvarado, co-author of Cuentos Antiguos de Gran Canaria, reflects on the importance of restoring oral tradition.  

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Ancient Tales of Gran Canaria .

Interview with the author Ana Cristina Herreros  

By the newspaper La Provincia , on May 15, 2015.

María Jesús Alvarado

Maria Jesus Alvarado


Born in the Canary Islands, she spent her childhood and adolescence in the Sahara. A clinical psychologist by profession, she has traveled from a very young age through literature, as well as more recently through cinema and theater.

She is the author of the books: Luck Mulana (2002), Strange Stay (2006), Accidental Geography (2010), South of Zagora (2010), Truk Island (2011), Sorimba (2012) and Cracks (2012).

Since 2001 she has been the editor of the independent publishing house Puentepalo.

She is the scriptwriter and director of the documentaries: La Puerta del Sáhara (2006. Award for Best Historiographic Contribution in Memorimage-07), La carta de Chadad (2006), Bailando en el tiempo (2009) and  Pilar Rey, passion for theater (2013).

Since 2008 he has directed the theater company La Fanfarlo.

It is part of the Bubisher group. Writers for the Sahara, from which the start-up and operation of libraries in the Saharawi refugee camps in Algeria are promoted, and they carry out actions to bring the Saharawi culture and its authors closer to the rest of the world.  


With Libros de las Malas Compañías he has also published the  following  Titles:

Ana Cristina Herreros

Ana C. Herreros

He was born in León and his grandmother kept quiet stories. So he soon learned to listen to the silence and to love those who have no voice, those who don't count.

So much so that, years later and already an emigrant in Madrid, he began to write a doctoral thesis on the literature of those who neither write nor read. And so, researching in the oral tradition, he ended up in 1992 with oral narration.  And he began to tell, and for more than twenty years he has not been silent. Then his voice filled with ink and he began to write.  It has been translated into Catalan, French and Mexican. He has made an autistic man speak, a princess sit down to listen to his lecture and 16 6-month-old babies preferred listening to his stories to taking a bottle. Oh, if your grandmother raised her head...


With Libros de las Malas Compañías he has also published the  following  Titles:

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