Brothers in Syria


This illustrated album is not just another book about war.

It is the story of two brothers, 

of a bombardment, of a devastated city, 

of a devastated family.

It is an illustrated album that wants to be the chronicle

of what wars mean, that wants to be a cry, 

the cry of the surviving brother:

Enough already! Stop this war!

You can see the short animation here:

Written by Victor Suarez

Illustrated by Marta Torres

Collection: People also Count

Size: 21  x 21cm

Pages: 32 

Binding: Cardboard illustrated album

ISBN: 978.84.945888.9.1

  (Price without VAT €13.94)

RRP €14.50



Reference from the website of the Voces Contra el Silencio association. AC Independent Video

Informative reference on the illustrated documentary, its idea, objective, etc., of

Víctor Suárez and Marta Torres, without ceasing to also refer to their transition to paper,

to our publisher.

Interview with Víctor Suárez and Marta Torres, as winners of the Comic and Social Development Award granted by the Divina Pastora Foundation

His work in video and illustration "Brothers in Syria" is awarded just before his

adaptation to book format with us. The interview allows to know better everything

what your project entailed from the very beginning until its presentation

definitively, in the mouth of its own creators.

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Victor Suarez

Born in Valencia in  1986, Víctor Suárez discovers his passion for sound through music, making recordings with the few means available. TO  At the age of 18, he decides to train as a superior technician to enter the audiovisual world.

Study the Higher Degree in Sound obtaining  the highest rating of his promotion and practices as an assistant in the recording of the album “21 grams” by the band Revólver . He complements these studies with the Higher Degree in Electronic Products doing the practices in Orbital Sound (London).

He has made numerous musical recordings of bands  Y  He has extensive experience in live sound through various tours.

In the audiovisual section, it covers a wide range of genres, specializing in the recording of live music, as well as  as in the documentary genre, occupying the role of sound technician, cameraman and editor.

An active member of LA COSECHA Audiovisual Production, he has participated in documentaries such as “Carrícola, a town in transition”, “Pedales de vida” and “Francis et la menuiserie”.

Alone he has made award-winning short documentaries such as “Brothers in Syria” and “Mirémonos”. 

Martha Torres

Was born  in Valencia in 1994 and grows up copying the style of his mother, also an illustrator. The result today is, paradoxically, completely different.

It was always clear to him that he wanted to study fine arts and Brothers in Syria became his final project and his first published book. The project also won the "Comic and Social Development 2019" award with the documentary video format.

Her interest and concern for social issues always leads her to get involved through illustration, which is the tool with which she feels most comfortable and best expresses herself.

Marta loves listening to stories, especially about those who tell the least, and while she does so, she imagines everything in drawings.