This illustrated album thought and drawn, is the third book in the collection, this time with the motto "Homeless people also count". 

A book without words that tells the reality of many people who, at one point in their lives, lost their homes. 

Here you can learn more about its content: 

Drawn and illustrated by Pablo Caracol

Collection: People tell stories too

Size: 21x23cm

Pages: 60 

Binding: Cardboard illustrated album

ISBN: 978.84.949242.6.2

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RRP €16.50

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The interview they did with us on October 24th at COPE

On the occasion of the celebration of Homeless People's Day, Ana Cristina Herreros presents our latest editorial novelty, HOME, from the "People tell stories too" collection. 


To be able to listen to it, it is from minute 23: 53 (in Spanish)

Article in Biblioabrazo (03/30/2020)

A very complete article thanks to the gallery of images that it includes next to the text, from which the visual proposal of the book is better understood.

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